For the Summer 2020 season, DDYSC will field SCCL Summer League tryouts for teams in the following age groups:

Please note, participation on DDYSC SCCL Summer League Teams is open to non-DDYSC Club players. Moreover, participation will not interfere with current Club duties.


Age Group 

U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16/17
Birth Year


 2009 2008  2007  2006   2005/2004
Format 9v9 9v9 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11



More information to be published in February 2020.

  • Early June through late July 2020


All teams are selected via a coaching committee, which is comprimised of all staff coaches for the SCCL teams & DDYSC Coaching Staff


Each team will consist of rosters with a minimum of 12 players, and a maximum of 18 roster players for U11-U12, and a minimum of 15 players, maximum of 26 players for U13-U19.


DDYSC SCCL Teams, Coaches, Parents, and Players will adhere to a strict “No Recruiting” policy. This policy will be enforced via zero tolerance.


Training will be two days a week for 1.5 hours.  Practices will be held at one of our DDY locations- Avondale Dunaire Park, DeKalb School of the Arts, or Windsor Parkway. Practices will start Saturday, May 30th, 2020, for U11 & U12 teams, Saturday June 6th, 2020 for U13 - U17 teams. 


The season will consist of 6-12 games, depending on league instructions.  Half of the games are played at home at a DDYSC location and the other half away. There are other SCCL programs in Georgia, so some/most away games could be against those local Georgia opponents.


Coaching Staff will be selected by the DDYSC Director of Coaching & Program Director.  DDYSC will operate with an “open door coaching policy”, allowing coaches from other clubs to train DDYSC SCCL Teams if applicable. 

For more SCCL program information, please contact Paul Wiesboeck at