Letter from the Director of Coaching

Thank you all for volunteering to become coaches with the DDYSC recreational soccer program. Coaching is a challenging and rewarding experience. Young athletes are forever changed and influenced by the coaches they experience during their early years of sports. At the recreational level, the primary goal for all coaches is to foster the enjoyment of the game and provide a fun experience for all players, even those on the opposing teams we play. In order to provide every resource available to our coaches, we offer internal coaching clinics; and even Georgia State Soccer Association sponsored coaching clinics. I would strongly encourage each coach to develop a willingess to learn as much as possible about the age group you are coaching. Each player is different and a wealth of knowledge can only benefit the players and make the experience for the player and their families that much more enjoyable.

Regardless of the level we coach, we are all just temporary teachers of the game of soccer, the fruit of your labor and commitment will benefit some team and some coach in the future. Therefore, our role is to develop in our players a life long love of the game and prepare our players for which ever level of play they would like to pursue. In the end, if they leave the training field or the match field with a smile on their face, we have met our goals.

During the season, I will post brief articles and links to drills to provide continuing education. In addition, I am always available to provide any assistance you should require. Please view me as a resource at your disposal. Again, thank you for volunteering to become youth soccer coaches with the DDYSC recreational soccer program. Please feel free to contact me, as I am here for your benefit.


Jeff Newbury, Director Of Coaching