DDYSC Concussion Policy

All coaches are required to be educated in the signs, symptoms, and hazards of concussions. If the coach (or parent) feels a player has received a concussion, during play with their team or any other potential reason, the following procedures are to be followed:

1. Remove the child from play

Keep them out until steps 2 & 3 are completed.

2. Inform the parent (or coach) of the situation

When the incident occurred, how it occurred, any potential symptoms shown by the player.

3. Request that a medical evaluation be delivered by a health care professional

The player may not return to play until given the "all clear" by the health care professional.

A doctor's note is mandatory for the coach to allow the child to return to play.

4. Re-integrate the player back into action slowly

Returning a player back into action too quickly can make the player more susceptible to "second impact syndrome".