Wade Walker Park


5585 Rockbridge Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30088


  • Take I-285 to Memorial Dr. Exit (Exit #41) and turn on Memorial going outside of the perimeter (away from Atlanta).
  • Travel 1 mile to Rockbridge Rd. and turn right.
  • Travel 5 miles. Wade Walker Park is on the right.
  • After turning into the driveway to the park, travel behind the YMCA and take first available right. 
  • Travel past tennis courts to the next available parking lots.

Soccer Field Poilicies:

Decatur-Dekalb YMCA Soccer program is an Alcohol and Tobacco free program. These products may not be used on any YMCA soccer fields including practice fields. If a parent has alcohol ona practice field, it is the coache's responsibility to ask them to leave the field. If aparent needs to smoke then they must go to the parking lot to do so.

Here are the following basic rules for all DDY Soccer Fields:

  • No Alcohol or Tobacco allowed
  • No dogs or pets allowed on fields
  • Not all fields have access to restrooms. Please have your child use the before coming to practices.
  • Some fields will have portable toilets provided by the YMCA. Please clean up after using them for the next person.
  • Please clean up any trash or materials after games and practices, including water bottles, wrappers from snacks, coffee cups, etc.
  • During games if your child becomes injured please contact the field supervisor for Baind-Aids, ice packs, and hand sanitizer.
  • Please contact the YMCA soccer office if you loose or leave anything on the soccer fields. Staff will pick up all belongings left on the field.