Columbia Seminary College


701 South Columbia Drive
Decatur, GA 30030

  • From the YMCA turn right onto Clairemont Ave. and go about 1 mile to the intersection of Clairemont & Commerce Dr.
  • Turn left onto Commerce Dr.
  • Continue on Commerce about 1 mile and you will go under the train track overpass and through a traffic light (intersection of College & Commerce).
  • After passing through the light you will now be on South Columbia Dr. (Which was formerly Commerce). Continue about half a mile and you will see Columbia Seminary on the right.
  • Take a right onto Inman road. Parking is located on the street and in the library parking lot. The soccer field is located behind the Library parking lot.

Field Policies:

  • No dogs or pets allowed on the field
  • Parking ONLY allowed behind Harrington Center Library in parking lot or along Inman Road adjacent to the college.
  • Bathrooms are not available at this site; Porta-john is available
  • Please clean up any trash or materials after games.
  • No Alcohol or Tobacco allowed
  • No dogs or pets allowed on the fields
  • Not all fields have access to restrooms. Please have your child use the bathroom before coming to practices
  • Some fields will have portable toilets provided by the YMCA. Please clean up after using them for the next person
  • Please clean up any trash or materials after games and practices including water bottles, wrappers from snacks, coffee cups, etc.
  • During games if tour child becomes injured please contact the field supervisor for Band-Aids, ice packs and hand sanitizer
  • Please contact the YMCA soccer office if you loose or leave anything on the soccer fields. Staff will pick up all belongings left on the field.