Projected Team Levels & Coaching Assignments


Coaching assignments and team levels are subject to change.

For select teams, Georgia Soccer assigns division placements after team declarations.



Teams                                                         Coaches

9U Boys (2012)                                    George Ashison, Alex Lopez             

10U Boys (2011)                                  George Ashison, Numa Ikoe, Conrad Samuels                       

11U Boys (2010)                                  Richard Bennett, Ed Russell, Kerry King               

12U Boys (2009)                                  Kirk Richards, Moussa Mounir


Select Boys

Teams                                                        Projected Level               Coach

13U Boys (2008) Elite                          GPL                              Gerardo Morales

13U Boys (2008) Premier                     Classic 2                       Moussa Mounir

14U Boys (2007) Elite                          National or GPL             David Katz

14U Boys (2007) Premier                     Classic 2                       Kerry King

16U/15U Boys (06/05) Elite                  GPL or Classic 1            Monish Lahiry

17U Boys (2004) Elite                          Classic 1                       Gerardo Morales

18U Boys (2003) Elite                          Classic 2                       Monish Lahiry



7U & 8U Pre-Academy Soccer

We are planning to have our Pre-Academy soccer program for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 seasons, but we are holding off on ID Clinics until later in the summer.  Please check our website at ddysoccer.org for more upcoming information about our Pre-Academy program and the upcoming season.